I have worked (and continue to work) as an independent economic expert. In that function, I have delivered or co-authored reports to several international organizations, governments, and foundations:

With respect to reform of public utilities: World Bank, United Nations, European Commission,  Bureau of Economic Analysis (World Bank and the Government of Russia), Next  Generation Infrastructures Foundation (the Netherlands), French Government, French Institute for PPP (IGD).

With respect to institutional dimension and instituional changes: World Bank, OECD, European Commission

With respect to hybrid arrangements and organizational issues: OECD, French Government, European Commission, Klict Foundation (Netherlands), Transforum Foundation (Netherlands), Suez-Agroparistech fFoundation.

With respect to scientific evaluation of academic programs, research projects etc.:
Government of the Province of Quebec, Government of Canada, French Government,  Dutch Government, Japanese Government, Swiss National Science Foundation, National Science Foundation of South Africa.

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