New publications

1) with Mary-Shriley (co-editor), A Research Agenda for New Institutional Economics (30 contributions from leading scholars about new development and prospects in the field of instoitutional economics. Forthcoming, end of 2018-beginning of 2019)

2) With Elodie Bertrand (co-editor): The Elgar Companion to Ronald H. Coase, a collection of 26 chapters from leading economists, asssessing Coase's contributions and indicating paths to be explored in the continuity of his contributions.

3) With Christine de Mariz and Bernard Abeillé, both formerly from the World Bank, a book on Public Procurement Reforms in Africa: Challenges in Institutions and Organizations(Oxford University Press). This book proposes an in-depth analysis of the many challenges that reforms face, with an emphasis on the flaws in institutional design, the misunderstanding of the role of informal rules, and the need to take into account the key role of intermediary institutional mechanisms in the design, implementation and enforcement of reforms.

4) The long awaited and much needed Handbook of Organizational Economics, edited by Robert Gibbons and John Robert, is now available from Princeton University Press. I contributed to this book with chapter 26 on Hybrid Modes of Organization (pages 1066-1108).

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