Research projects

I am currently working on four main research projects:

1) With my colleagues John Groenewegen and Rolf Kunneke, fromTU Delft, we are preparing a book on the interactions between institutions and technology in network infrastructures. Preliminary results have been published in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization en 2010.  This project benefited from the support of the Next Generation Infrastructures foundation (NL) over several years.

New publications

1) with Mary-Shriley (co-editor), A Research Agenda for New Institutional Economics (30 contributions from leading scholars about new development and prospects in the field of instoitutional economics. Forthcoming, end of 2018-beginning of 2019)

2) With Elodie Bertrand (co-editor): The Elgar Companion to Ronald H. Coase, a collection of 26 chapters from leading economists, asssessing Coase's contributions and indicating paths to be explored in the continuity of his contributions.

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