Research projects

I am currently working on three main research projects:

1) With my colleagues John Groenewegen and Rolf Kunneke, fromTU Delft, we are preparing a book on the interactions between institutions and technology in network infrastructures. Preliminary results have been published in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization en 2010.  This project benefited from the support of the Next Generation Infrastructures foundation (NL) over several years.

2) I am working on a project with the OECD related to the role of institutions in fisheries management. Two reports have been delivered already (2014; 2015) and I amworkiong on papers with colleagues from the OECD.

3) With Sylvia Saes, Vivian Lara (University of Sao Paolo, Brazil), and Emmanuel Raynaud (INRA, France), we are working on an extensive project on the development of plural forms in the agri-food business in Brazil. The theoretical framework of this research has been developed in a paper that I published in the journal of Managerial and Decision Economics (2013) and a book has already been published (Economia das Organizaciões/ Formas Plural e Desafios, Atlas Ed., Sao Paulo)

Two new projects are also taking shape:

A:: A project with a consortium of European teams, on European Food Value Chains Structure and Dynamics (EURUSUN),

B:: A project with Brazilian colleagues on Rules regarding Property Rights, their Allocation and Monitoring, in Supply Chain Systems: the Case of Dairy Products.








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