Research projects

My ongoing research projects are developed along the following five themes:

1) With my colleagues John Groenewegen and Rolf Kunneke, fromTU Delft, we are preparing a book on the interactions between institutions and technology in network infrastructures. Preliminary results have been published in different journals and books (see my vitae), and an overview of the underlying model in its early phase is avaliable from the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2010).  This project benefited from the support of the Next Generation Infrastructures foundation (NL) and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR) over several years.

2) I am working on different projects with international organizations on the role of institutions in urban water services, agri-business, and in fisheries management. I have delivered reports and papers (some jointly with colleagues from the OECD) on these issues. These research projects are still going on.

3) With Olivia Jensen and other colleagues from the National University of Singapore (where I have been appointed adjunct professor in 2017), I am working on a project to assess the role of meso-institutions in the governance of several water utilities in East Asia.

4) With Sylvia Saes, Vivian Lara (University of Sao Paolo, Brazil), Paula Schnaider (Foundation Getulio Vargas) and several other researchers, we are working on a project on the development of plural forms in the agri-food business in Brazil. The theoretical framework and preliminary results of this research has been published in  Managerial and Decision Economics (2013; 2018) and developed with more details with several supportive case studies in a book (Economia das Organizaciões/ Formas Plural e Desafios, Atlas Ed., Sao Paulo, 2014). An extension to the dairy industry is goping on.

5) With Gaetano Martino, Alessandro Pacciani, Daniela Todccaceli, etc) we are working on different projects regarding institutional dimensiions in the Italian agrifood sector.

6) Last, I am also working with Russian colleagues (Dr. Ivan Shabalov, Dr. Pr. Andrei Shastitko, Dr. Alexander Kurdin) on the challenges that reforming the Russian natural gas industry must face while operating in a very uncertain geopolitical environment.








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